Book Development is the condition for:

  • Having more books produced (output)
  • Producing different kinds of output to that which was previously produced
  • Changing the technical and institutional arrangements to produce and distribute this output

Having a book development council, in any country, plays a critical role in promoting and coordinating all areas of the book sector to ensure that they act in harmony with each other, as well as overall national development plans. 

Did you know: Book development came about in the mid-1960s when UNESCO held a series of regional meetings in Asia, Africa, the Arab States and Latin America to assess the long-term book needs in these areas and to assist in working on national policies and strategies to overcome the scarcity of books in these countries. 

Some of the ways that the SABDC actualizes book development: 

The structure of the SABDC is set up in such a way that all sub-sectors within the industry are represented and play a strategic role in decision making. Through research and facilitation key gaps and specific points of action are identified in order to move the industry forward. Working groups are then set up to overcome these key gaps. 

Image of reading: 

We realize that the most challenging barrier to growth and development, is a lack of reading culture. As long as the reading and book buying population remains small, no other strategies will be successful. A national reading awareness campaign therefore forms the cornerstone of all other strategies. 

In 2009 we instituted the first National Book Week, now, 10 years later NBW is a dedicated reading awareness week on the South African calendar which operates within all nine provinces. 

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A lack of reliable information as to the nature and scope of the industry along the value chain is a key challenge to growth in the industry. Research has been identified as a priority and much of our efforts and funds are geared towards this activity. Click below to see a list of our published reports. 

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