After some initial research into book development in 2004, the SABDC lobbied government to develop a National Book Policy. Based on the strength of the case, the National Department of Arts & Culture (DAC) contracted the SABDC to develop such a policy for South Africa.

The policy was developed under the auspices of the Transformation Committee (a working group dealing with diversity at the time) and at the beginning of 2005, the SABDC started with its first round of consultations. At a ground-breaking industry workshop in August 2005, the 2nd draft, with some minor changes, was accepted as the strategic plan for the sector. Draft 3 was submitted to the DAC in December 2005

Ministerial Task Team Report 2012

Draft National Book Development Plan 2009

Research Report 2008

Position Paper to Draft NBP Framework

Draft Framework for the National Book Policy 2005