National Book Week is a neutral awareness campaign that does not promote any one company, business, project, brand or organisation. It collaborates with multiple stakeholders and partners with the expressed aim of increasing reading in South Africa.

Can I get involved in National Book Week?

Yes. During this week, anyone who is passionate about making a difference or promoting reading is encouraged to get involved. Follow us on social media for tips on how to promote reading.

How long has National Book Week running?

NBW has been running since 2010.

Why should we be interested?

58% of homes in South Africa don’t have a single leisure reading book. Honorable president Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned in his 2019 SONA.

“Fellow South Africans, if we are to ensure that within the next decade, every 10-year-old will be able to read for meaning, we will need to mobilise the entire nation behind a massive reading campaign. Early reading is the basic foundation that determines a child’s educational progress, through school, through higher education and into the work place.”

Reading plays a huge role in the development of a nation and if we are to make a change in our country, we have to work together to achieve great results.

Who are the books donated to?

Books donated to the SABDC by #BUYABOOK or any other method are donated to key NBW supported initiatives and those who do not have books in their homes. We visit the most rural communities and often find ourselves giving many children and adults their first-ever brand new book.

Do you take monetary donations?

Please send an email to to discuss or set up a meeting regarding cash donations.

Can I donate second-hand books?

We do not accept second-hand book donations but we encourage you to share the joy of reading by passing those books on to someone of your choice. Every single book which is distributed and donated by the SABDC is carefully considered and placed. Decisions are made based on the national reading survey as well as the needs of the country.

How can we get onto the NBW programme?

We are always interested in talking about new ideas and expanding our programme. Please send an email with your intentions to and you will be directed accordingly. Be sure to specify how you would like to get involved.

How can we get Funding for programmes relevant to National Book Week?

  • We do not offer funding.
  • Should you have an idea or a programme that you would like to propose to us, please get in touch with and you will be directed accordingly.

How can we get donations of books?

If you have or support an organization or a library or school that is in need of books, please get in touch with us and we will discuss potential options.

Can we use your logo?

National Book Week has specific guidelines for the use of our logo. Therefore, apart from the approved persons, the NBW logo can only be used on official NBW collateral. 

However, there is a National Book Week logo strip, which can be supplied to you upon request.

Can you publish my book?

We do not publish books but head over to this article which will give you some tips: