National Book Week, which actively celebrates books through Indigenous Language Reading Festivals across the country, will move online this year due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Please see a fun-filled programme HERE

Please participate in the programme by joining us online, whether from school or home. We encourage schools to use the #NBW2020 stories, puppet shows and workshops as part of their story or art time.

One of the country’s longest-running book donation drives, #BUYABOOK – a centerpiece of NBW, returns this year with “Fun With Funda Bala”  – a children’s activity book that can be bought at Bargain Books and Exclusive Books for only R20. The public is encouraged  to buy the book and pay it forward, that is, donate it to a child or adult.  According to the research by SABDC, 58% of homes in South Africa do not have a single book. See Promo HERE

The activity book is a physical tool for children and adults alike to have fun with words, while expressing their creativity. The book which all South Africans, including corporates, are encouraged to buy and donate includes, quizzes, colour in pages, stories and games for hours of offline fun. The activity book honours all official languages, as well as the forgotten Nama. Corporates can place bulk orders directly through SABDC’s office for donation in the provinces or for their own CSI initiatives. Contact 021-914-8626 or to order.

  • Create awareness about NBW and #BUYABOOK at your company 
  • Donate books through #BUYABOOK or sponsor funds for the SABDC to buy books through #BUYABOOK 
  • Organise visits to local institutions or schools and host storytelling/reading sessions. Maybe donate some books if you can
  • Encourage staff to support #BUYABOOK – it’s only R20, cheaper than your daily cup of coffee. 
  • Challenge other companies to buy more books than your company. 
  • Host a reading day at your office where staff can bring their children to the office for a day of book-centered fun. 
  • Create awareness around National Book Week by posting about it on your platforms, using #NBWturns10 or #BUYABOOK 
  • Share your support and activations with us by sharing them on social media using #NBWturns10 or #BUYABOOK

Spread the news about National Book Week on social media by using #NBW2020 or #PassportToTomorrow, and encourage people to take part in #BUYABOOK

Share your activities with us on social media buy using #NBW2020 or #PassportToTomorrow

  • Encourage everyone on campus to get involved by reading books or taking part in #BUYABOOK
  • Organise visits to under-privileged schools and share stories or books.
  • Inform your staff about National Book Week and get everyone involved.
  • Get your National Book Week posters from
  • Host fun book-related sessions or events such as motivational talks at your school.
  • Encourage learners to dress up as their favorite character from a book.
  • Have reading hour, or storytelling sessions.
  • Invite outsiders to come share stories or poetry at your school.
  • Create your own NBW activities and invite other schools in the area to join.
  • Share your activities with us on social media by using #NBWturns10 or #BUYABOOK.
  • Encourage learners and staff to share information about NBW on their social media by using the hashtags.
  • Share information about NBW on your social media platforms using #NBW2020, #PassportToTomorrow or #BUYABOOK.

We partner with local municipalities to host events in all nine provinces during National Book Week. These events are tailored to suit the needs of each individual community, hosted in the spoken vernacular with prominent and respected figures from each area as ambassadors or entertainment. A full programme of these events will be made available closer to the time. 

We’d like to thank all our hosts and partners for their continued support and help in this regard.

See a full list here.